Beyond The Nest believes that if we are to be responsible travelers in this new world, we must do so sustainably. 

We opt for accomodations that are low waste and low impact on the environment. Our San Miguel estate, for instance, uses solar heating for the pools and is built according to local tradition, meaning that by design, it is low-energy and not harmful to the local area. 

Sustainability also means positively impacting the areas to which we travel. Our villa in Tuscany, for instance is a not-for profit organization using our expenditures as a way to reinvest directly into the local economy. Oh yes, it's still a 5-star property, but one that, by your very being there, is improving the local community. Properties around the world are hand selected for the ways that they positively impact their community.

We recognize that climate change has impacted and is impacting many of our favorite places around the world. When we visit locales heavily affected by climate change, we do what we can to help. For instance, in the Caribbean we enjoy the splendor of the islands and beaches as well as help to rebuild areas impacted by hurricanes and disasters related to climate change.

Additional sustainability protocol we employ: 

- The pre-trip goodies you receive are all from recycled plastics and are reusable to reduce waste on trip. 

- If you are interested in offsetting the carbon footprint of your flights we can help arrange ways to offset.

- We educate our incoming community about ways to stay sustainable and low impact during travel through our pre-trip mentorship.

- All of our local guides and experts are Covid tested before meeting with you to ensure that we do not contribute so unsafe working conditions in lesser vaccinated countries. We take this responsibility very seriously. Beyond the Nest is a travel company built FOR the post-covid world. We are part of helping to heal the world, not continue the chaos. 

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