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Our Trip to San Miguel- US-Mexico Travel & What to Expect covidtravel mexico mexicotravel postcovid Mar 18, 2021

Last week Mary and I set out from our respective nests, mine in San Diego and hers in Houston, for a week in San Miguel de Allende! We went to connect with one another and with our contacts in San Miguel who are helping us create the experience of a lifetime. Mary and I are both developing Beyond...

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Beyond The Nest
A New Appreciation for the World- The Gratitude Podcast!
A New Appreciation for the World- The Gratitude Podcast! covidtravel female travel grateful gratitude group travel inner peace postcovid retreat travel workshop Mar 08, 2021

This week co-founder Mary Fusillo sat down with Georgian Benta of The Gratitude Podcast to discuss tactics for living a life of gratitude and fulfillment! 

There are many ways to feel more gratitude in your daily life. In fact, studies show that having an 'attitude of gratitude' can help you...

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