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Make up For Lost Time Through Travel- Break Free of your Covid-Cocoon

country repoenings female travel group travel safe travel Jun 22, 2021

Like tightly bound butterflies, our wings have been restless in our tight Covid-Cocoons. Your cocoon is the safe space, the smaller space, that you have been existing in over the past year and a half. Maybe you’re working from home, living at home, and avoiding ‘home’ at all costs because it’s where you’re forced to spend your day. This probably resonates greatly with you. 


Maybe this is harder to imagine for yourself. Perhaps you’re feeling your pre-Covid mojo coming back. Still, without having really taken the time to examine how lockdown and isolation affected and changed you, you could be operating from a place of fear of the unknown. And that’s natural. With everything having changed on a dime again and again and again of course we fear more unknown!


Many of us wish we could dip our toes into something bigger, like international travel, but realize you can’t test the water without jumping in head first. It’s normal to feel this push and pull. The push of your natural explorer coming out again, and the pull of your safety cocoon. 


Travel is the ultimate way to shed this cocoon. Jump right out of your comfort zone and into a new culture, new sights, tastes, and, finally, to see new smiles! All around us the world is reopening and others are coming out of their shells, too. By uniting again through travel we can ultimately start to feel comfortable in our world. Not just in the few square miles of your home, grocery store, and take-out spot, but in the whole world. 


If we can agree on one thing, it’s that we feel jipped by the year and a half that was ‘taken’ from us. We can’t go back, but we can change what we do from here. We can reprioritize our happiness. We can reevaluate how we live, who we want to be, and make it happen. Because travel strips you bare and spits you into adventure, it is the ultimate way to make up for lost time, shed that cocoon, and spread those wings, baby! 


Beyond The Nest meets you where you are in your journey. With our travel coordination and experts staying on top of all changes for you, you can rest comfortably booking your trip. Things may have changed a lot since your last travels. Let Beyond The Nest make your next trip something spectacular. Not only travel, but a community of like minded travelers you’ll know forever. 

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