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Group Travel Makes Leads to More Meaningful Experiences- Leisure Group Travel Interviews BTN!

covidtravel domestictravel female travel group travel growth internationaltravel interview luxury mexico vacation video Mar 31, 2021

We believe in all forms of travel. Whether it's a round-the-world cruise, a solo safari, or a trip to a new part of town! But- we firmly believe that when one is seeking meaningful experiences and deep travel connections, group travel is the way to go. 

Jeff Gayduk, president of Premier Travel Media sat down with co-founder Mary Fusillo to chat about just that! There is something magical that happens on group trips where you find yourself developing close and intimate friendships in a short amount of time. Following Covid, quarantine, and isolation- what people need now more than ever is each other's energy. 


Jeff says, "through collaboration with co-founder Vanessa Famighetti, the business launched on February 15th of this year. Both women wanted to have a unique business that catered to people looking to fly the coop. 'Let’s have a place where people can have lovely luxury, small settings, a theme, have things where they’re going to learn, explore and recalibrate their lives,' said Mary."


We are thrilled to be expanding out into the digital universe of top tour and retreat providers. Send us a message to learn more about this interview or our trips! 

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