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Grab That Passport- Travel Is Coming Back NOW

country repoenings covidtravel female travel group travel internationaltravel retreat tour travel deal travel forecast travel sale Mar 08, 2021

As summer approaches and more optimistic news of vaccines and re-openings emerges, many people are wondering when they can book their next vacation.

“Safety has rightly been the top priority for many people during the COVID-19 pandemic, but with news on vaccine readiness and approvals being granted around the world, we see the appetite for travel in 2021 growing,” said Mark Crossey, U.S. traveler expert for SkyScanner in an interview with the Huffington Post. 

“The events of 2020 have underscored the importance of human connection and quality time with loved ones” he added. “We predict that many customers will prioritize spending on experiences over material goods in 2021, looking to make special memories with loved ones.”

Travelers over 60, in particular, are looking to travel as soon as they can. Experts are saying the Baby Boomer generation is looking for safe travel experiences that promote self-growth and community. Because everyone approaches travel differently, flexibility is key. 

TripScout co-founder and CEO Konrad Waliszewski told Huffington Post that he recommends booking travel now instead of waiting for a larger return to “normal.”

“If you’re planning any post-pandemic trips, book now,” he advised. “It’s unlikely you will ever see better prices, availability and perks again... Travelers who decide to wait until the pandemic has stabilized will miss out on this rare opportunity as they compete with the millions of travelers eagerly trying to satisfy their pent up wanderlust.

Waliszewski advises taking advantage of the deals airlines and hotels are offering now, because although flexible booking and cancellation policies are likely here to stay, the deals themselves will go quickly.

The travel industry has been permanently changed by the pandemic. The recent rise in remote work has ushered in a new class of digital nomads and remote working communities. This allows people to explore the world in a new way, without necessarily having to take time off work.

 An article for The Washington Post said, “Responsible nomads have temporarily chosen a new home base, but many are planning their post-pandemic moves. Digital nomad advocates say these new workers signal a much larger wave set to break as soon as travel restrictions ease.”

As more companies realize that traditional office space is not required to work efficiently, employees can begin living lifestyles of location independence in much larger numbers. Before the pandemic, digital nomads were mostly millennials. Post-pandemic, this will most likely shift to a wider age group. 

In the past few years, countries have started implementing a new class of visa specifically designed for remote workers. Estonia was the first to announce a digital nomad visa. Since the announcement, more than 10,000 people have signed up for more information about how to work from the small Baltic country.

Other countries, including the Czech Republic, Germany, Iceland, Mexico and Portugal have also put similar visas in place.

The Economist argues that, while the travel industry has taken a beating during the pandemic, it is likely to come back with “trends that will eventually make travel both easier and less damaging.” Companies and airlines are focusing more on sustainable and quality experiences than they were previously, and this means great things for tourists who are looking to travel in the next year.

Travel is the ultimate form of self-care and mental recalibration for many people. After the pandemic, many are feeling physically tired, mentally drained, and uncertain of the future. Planning and booking trips that will help get people excited about the future again. In fact, a 2017 study from Cornell University found that spending money on experiences is more likely to bring you lasting happiness than spending money on material objects. This 2021 give yourself the gift of community, mentorship, and adventure with a guided, socially-distant luxury retreat

 The COVID-19 pandemic has shown how important travel can be for individuals. The rapid acceleration of the nomadic movement has left room in many people’s lives for new kinds of lifestyle changes as well as an appetite to see the world. 

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