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Our Trip to San Miguel- US-Mexico Travel & What to Expect

covidtravel mexico mexicotravel postcovid Mar 18, 2021
San Miguel de Allende travel to Mexico

Last week Mary and I set out from our respective nests, mine in San Diego and hers in Houston, for a week in San Miguel de Allende! We went to connect with one another and with our contacts in San Miguel who are helping us create the experience of a lifetime. Mary and I are both developing Beyond The Nest remotely, so we use opportunities, like trips to Mexico, to connect in-person and recalibrate on our goals until we meet again. 

Mary set off for San Miguel from IAH with a negative Covid result in-hand (well, on her phone). She’d taken the test the two days prior at a local testing location that her airline recommended. She took a direct flight from IAH to Leon on United, which flies into Leon 3x a day from Houston. Leon airport in Guanajuato and Queretaro International are the two best airports to fly into for travel to San Miguel. 

Mary says this about her trip:

The cleanliness both in the Houston airport and the Leon airport were amazing.  The bathrooms were just about as clean as I have ever seen them and even ordering coffee in the airport included a sanitizing swipe of the counter.

The flight from the US was close to full, but the airport experience was calm. In Mexican airports they are very organized about inviting particular rows to board at different times. Everyone was masked up and there were no outliers. We deplaned by rows, which was much more orderly than in pre-Covid days when the lady in seat 32D was rushing for the exit. It was quicker and safer and I hope things don’t change post Covid.

I felt safer than your average traveler to Mexico as at the time of the trip, I was totally vaccinated. I didn’t have a problem wearing a mask for the short duration of the flight (1 hour, 45 minutes) and can’t wait to get back to travel!


My travel experience was quite different from Mary’s as I opted to cross into Tijuana International Airport via the Cross-Border Express bridge. This is something that I always do when flying to Latin America as fares are often much more affordable from Tijuana! Convenient and safe on-site parking make it the simplest border crossing of your life. 

I was not required to present a negative Covid test result since I was flying domestic. Mine was a direct flight from Tijuana to Leon. I still opted to voluntarily get a Covid test three days before flight to ensure that I would be a safe passenger for all. Mary would not have opted for a voluntary screening as she is vaccinated! 

I have found throughout the pandemic, and no exception was made last week, that airports outside of the US often have better screening procedures, health checks, and safety procedures in place. 

When it was time to leave San Miguel, Mary needed to get a quick Covid test so that she had negative results ready before her international flight home. We opted for a provider who could come and test Mary from the convenience of our workspace- we were busy ladies! I did not need a Covid test for my trip home, again, because I was traveling domestically within Mexico. I simply went to the airport and boarded as normal. Upon arrival in Tijuana we were screened for temperature once more and then I crossed back over the bridge into California. No Covid testing is required for this specific form of international border crossing. 

The TSA saw record numbers since original shut-downs in March indicating that as more and more vaccinated people head for the skies, we can anticipate a full return to travel. For those that are still unvaccinated, like myself, knowing that as the number of vaccinated individuals increases, so lessens my own risk. With 100 million doses administered in one day alone, I am exceptionally optimistic that we will hit our goals for vaccination and that airports and airlines will meet the needs of post-Covid travelers who will now always require cleanliness, sanitation, space, and smart procedure! 

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