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Safe post Covid Travel with Rapid At-Home Testing and Vaccinations

cdc recommendations country repoenings covidtravel greek islands rapid testing san miguel de allende vaccinations May 12, 2021

For those that have traveled internationally during the rebound of the COVID-19 pandemic you know the extra hassle of finding a rapid COVID test 2-3 days before you return home. There you are, out in the jungle or exploring white sand beaches and, bam, time to get serious and find a COVID testing center. Well, at least that was the case..

As of this past Friday, from the date of publication, the CDC is now allowing travelers to opt for a DIY rapid test that you can pack with you in your suitcase. This is a huge shift from the CDC’s otherwise pessimistic views on international travel. 

This is one of the biggest moves toward a fully reopened world that we have seen thus far. This means that your travel lust can get as exotic as you want. All you need to do is pack one (two are recommended) in your suitcase. With country reopenings occurring almost on a daily basis, there’s really no reason not to satisfy your wanderlust! There are international communities out there hurting from the tourism dollars lost over the past 2 years that are ready to re-welcome us! 

Of course these tests do come with some restrictions. DIY tests must be a SARS-CoV-2 viral test. This can either be NAAT tests or Antigen tests. Trust us, the pharmacy or doctor near you will equip you with the right test to travel abroad and come home smoothly.
If you have any doubts about the reliability of the test you purchased, look it up before heading out! It’s as simple as that. 

Upon taking your rapid test you’ll need to have a telehealth appointment. A doctor does need to visually see you self-administer, which we find logical enough! This can all be set up by reading the instructions on the test that you purchase. 

The CDC does continue to recommend that travelers opt for their COVID vaccines instead of relying solely on tests. The CDC does finally support Americans getting back out there, hitting all corners of the globe, and coming home safely. They know we need to spread our wings and we’re ready to do so! 

For Beyond the Nest travelers, we will supply you with all of the testing that is required, so this is only for your solo travel knowledge. When you travel with us we have everything arranged so that your welcoming and departure are handled with white glove service. 


We would be remiss if we didn’t mention flight purchases in this post. The rapidly increasing number of vaccinated Americans along with the easing of travel restrictions has led millions to start booking their big international trips post-Covid. Many airlines offer flexible and refundable tickets purchased before certain dates. When selecting an airline you may opt to upgrade or buy travel insurance so that your journey is fully ensured. 


Deciding to book last minute could cause you to miss out on trips and experiences you’re looking forward to. Every day there is an increase in the number of people passing through TSA checkpoints, which means that flight prices are set to soar accordingly. To be blunt, buying your year’s worth of flights is probably your best bet. Otherwise, look for opportunities for flex booking far into the future. 


For Beyond the Nest travelers you need not worry. We work according to your plan and your preferences. Upon reserving a retreat or voyage with us our travel coordinator will promptly be in touch to help you arrange your flight in the most cost effective and safest manner. For those interested in our later 2021 trips and our 2022 slate, now is the time to start considering your adventures. Plus, we’re currently offering 10% off our Book Now-Choose Destination Later. This could save you upward of $600 on your trip cost. 

Please get in touch with us to learn more about anything from our retreats in coastal Vietnam, Greece, and the Amalfi Coast to our Voyages through Iceland, Portugal, Kenya, and Bali! Also- check out our sustainability efforts here. We ARE a fully sustainable travel company built IN the COVID world FOR the post-Covid world! Did you know, we are one of the only female-owned international travel startups to come out of Covid?

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